Australia 2013

Touristy mural shot taken at Blue Mountain!

This is a really really really late post because we went to Sydney last March. My mom wasn’t able to go with us because she had to go on this Europe trip thing as an incentive for work. On one hand it’s great she gets to go to Europe again, but on the other hand she wasn’t able to go with us, so I’m still deciding if it’s a good or bad thing.

Here are the non-city areas we went to. I really like how everything is relaxed in these places, like there’s all the time in the world.

On the way to go sand-boarding!

We also went to a lot of places that had to do with animals. It’s really amazing how well Australia takes care of them and how many institutions they have showcasing them!

Spot the baby joey!

By the way, did you know why koalas and kangaroos are the country’s icons? They’re the only animals native to that country that can’t walk backwards. They want the two animals to symbolize their country, that it always goes forward. Sila na.

We rode a small cruise to go dolphin watching. I’ve never seen them in the wild before!

And of course no one goes to Sydney without going to the Sydney Opera House!

I couldn’t get a good shot with the Opera House! So windy :|

We lived right in Chinatown so food wasn’t a problem. They have this beautiful alley, I really regret not taking better pictures. :(

It was a nice trip, and I’m glad I was able to spend it with my family.

New Year 2013


Happy new year! This year I really prepared for my fireworks shots and picked up a few tricks from watching YouTube videos. I really psyched myself up to take better pictures than last year


I think I could do better, but I guess they’re ok too. Considering the conditions are better this year (it was raining last year), the skill needed to take the shots weren’t that different.


I learned a new trick but the photos are still a bit raw. More on that on another post maybe?

On a happier note, we have a new family picture!


Hoping for a good year to come!


Been tweeting about getting a red fighting fish and naming him “Chili”. Here he is!


This post is to remember that I got him on December 22, 2012!

Turning Old into New

So in further attempts to up my editing ante (because I find it harder to set up for a shoot) I decided to revamp older pictures.

These were taken circa 2011. I really love seeing the before and after photos when I edit because it shows me how much progress I made. Check out the comparison of the picture above!

Run out of space to take pictures? Have unnecessary stuff cluttering the photo? Edit them out instead! Haha.

I really had fun doing that photo so I did another one. I just color-corrected and took out the clutter, not a lot of photopainting here. I just like the overall feel :3 I really like peach-colored light.

And here’s the before and after! Technically, the shadows are not supposed to be there but I kind of like the shapes they formed so I left it as is. Makes the photo a little interesting, methinks.

I did these last night and slept a little late, but I think it’s worth it. When you don’t have a lot of gear, make up for it in editing. Haha!

Cleaner Blog Layout

Same feel, just tweaked here and there. I only know enough basic html to save my life. Lol.

Coloring Exercises

Looking at the facebook page of Edifice Studios and it makes me want to do better even though I might not even be able to achieve the same spectacular quality. But I figured I can still go up a tiny level. 

I always do color correcting on my photos, but I feel like I need to have more practice at it. My toning is a bit half-baked, methinks. 

So here’s the before and after. (Thank goodness for that nifty Lightroom feature.)

The before looks funny doesn’t it? Haha I think it was the light green paint of the room that did me in. Or something.

I feel like I wanted to blur out the louder prints in the shot so I blurred most of it out and left my “relaxed” face. I don’t know if it’s a good idea though. I would have blurred less, but the Lens Blur in my Photoshop CS5 version was wacky.  Update: I was able to control the blur a little so a new pic is up there now.

I also don’t know if I crunched the blacks too much. 

Pretty satisfied with the way the lighter colors turned out though. I really think I’m more inclined to colors with reddish to peach hues. Mm.

I think I chose this photo because I seem to be missing my inner peace. Can’t seem to totally feel it unless I stay up late at night. I get rattled easily. I feel overwhelmed about how the future is just this big question mark. Is there any way I can peek into the future so I can at be a little less worried? :(

I’m just a little bit too caught in the middle

Some shots that I thought should be published anyway. I really miss having long locks. :s

Blue White Red

Striped Dress (worn as top) H&M, Red Pants Kamiseta, Black Pumps So!Fab

I miss taking photos so much, but I dunno there aren’t that many photo-worthy opportunities anymore haha. So yes, this post only has me. Again.

But there might be progress in the future! (lol) I have this weird thing about showing my raw pictures to other people so I tend to get angry when people peek over my shoulder when I edit. But when I was editing these photos I finally let my achi (older sister) look and I found out that I get to have constructive criticism of my shots and it actually helps. She also mentioned that maybe she’d be willing to have her shots taken next time. YAY!

In other news, these are the last photos I have with my long hair. I had a trim later that day and while the haircut was great I immediately regretted having done so. I loved having long, “lustrous” hair! Unfortunately, I was having hairfall problems and they said the best way to solve it was to have it cut.

On an ending note, yay I finally found the perfect red pair of pants with just the right hue <3

Lacey Day

White Lace Jacket from a shop in Robinsons Galleria, Mint Lace Dress from Cotton On, Jeffrey Campbell Lita inspired heels, Silver Feather Necklace from Forever21.

Took these photos 2 weeks ago and only able to post it now. I fell in love with the mint dress the moment I laid eyes on it when I visited Cotton On while we were in Malaysia. So many affordable dresses, so little time (and ringgit)! It’s a bit low-cut though so I wore a spaghetti strap underneath. I saw the same design in a different color when I was browsing through their website and saw an HK local wearing it last week when I was there. It is pretty sweet. <3

I also missed taking photos like this. I really would prefer having a model so I can just direct and work behind the scenes and stuff. Doing everything yourself is pretty tough, I dunno how Tricia Gosingtian does it. I wish I also had my own time on my hands.

My hair is also not cooperating that well hence the weird ends pointing to every direction. I just had a trim earlier that day and I’m still quite angry with the one who cut my hair, I’m not happy with my bangs and the ends are kind of weird. Or maybe that’s the hair color drying out my hair. The roots are coming out too, thankfully it didn’t show in the photos. 

Things have been going a little more smoothly in terms of my view of life recently, though still not exactly the way I like it. I’m still in the process of balancing different aspects of my life and I hope I can do it sooner than later. Here’s to wishing for a happier tomorrow!